Wednesday, 28 July 2021

The Dragonrune Miniature Hunt


What? What's this a new post from your favourite Blog of Vice and Dice?

It can't be... can it?

Well long time no post, it's because (Add excuses here).

Well now that's been cleared up it's time to call on you boys, girls, orcs and fishmen for a wee favour.

Whats that I hear you cry,!

Well back in the mists of time around 2001(ish) I had a range of Greenskins from Dragonrune Miniatures.

DragonRune was a manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain. The company was founded by Felix Paniagua around 2000. The original company closed down in early 2003 and was purchased by the US based company The Tin Dictator (April 2003). 

The range would continue to expand under the new ownership. In 2008, The Tin Dictator ceased retail operations and the DragonRune range was sold to Armorcast. 

Sculptors: Felix Paniagua (Orcs and Ogres), Raúl Valiente (Goblins), Sylvain Quirion (Komodons).

Now heres the favour, I need you to hunt your leadpiles for these bad boys and simply sell them to me as I plan to get a force together for a future BOYL.

Before anyone asks yes I can buy them new from Armorcast but $60 for 10 figures before we add in shipping and import charges are just insane.

If you can help then please let me know, not asking for anything free just we helping to find them 2nd hand.

TTFL - Chico

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