Sunday, 28 August 2016

Evil Space Dorfs: Build-a-Dorf! (500th Blog Post!!!)

Right-o it's been a wee while but if you remember from this post:

That well Wave 2 was cast up and Geoff the mastermind and genius behind the sculpting and running of Oakbound Studio and I was sent a couple of sets of the Masters (Which I should pull my finger out and paint).

Dorfs! Build-a-Dorf!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Tale of 4 Oldhammers - The City of the Lead Pt.1 - Gnolls

This is Fred, he likes long walks and eating your face.

So welcome back to the To4OG series, it's now the 2nd year so time for some changes!

We still have the following:

James author of Realm of Chaos 80's
Steve author of Eldritch Epistles
Paul author of The Black Castle
and Myself.

As you know the last one we done was for WhFB3 and 100pts per month, this time it's Mordheim and only a single per month (Totalling 12 figures that have a combined cost of 500gc).

So after throwing a few ideas around from Skaven to Araby I've finally settled on my Warband of choice..


You already knew this from the title


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dad's Army - Section 1 Complete

So as you may remember from one of the previous  Blog posts:

 That I'm painting up a force of Wargame Foundry's WW2 Home Guard *Cough* Dad's Army *Cough*.

Well while enjoyable little sculpts are taking longer then expected to paint up plus I'm still getting distracted by my Germans (Who just had 2 Foundry MMG teams painted and are waiting for a Kubelwagen to get undercoated).

Anyway I have completed the first 8 men section.

Corporal W/ Tommy Gun
Lance Corporal W/ Rifle
4 Privates W/ Rifle
2 Private W/ Lewis Gun

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dad's Army - Don't Panic, Don't Panic!

So before I post Pt.3 of the BOYL16 Aftermath I'd thought I'd show you some of the loot I got on the weekend from the Foundry store.

I went to the weekend with limited funds but did plan to buy a few bits and lucky for me I traded (Traded for monies ;) hehe) a large section of my trade fodder on the Saturday so I could buy more or less everything I wanted... 


Sadly I didn't get the full collection (Missing the Phonebox & Civ's set) as money didn't quite go that far as I wanted some other bits (Kev Adams female Troll!!) and they were the least game-able.

The well known faces, including Captain Square. Don't worry Private Frazer is busy elsewhere.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - The Aftermath Pt.2: Judgement Day Cometh!

So part 2 of the aftermath of BOYL16... The Judge Dredd: Judgement Day game.

If you missed anything then check out Pt.1 and JD details below:

Anyway enough of the link dropping, it's time for some photos..

Are you ready kids?

''Aye Aye Chico''

I can't here you!

''Aye Aye Chico!''

Zombies spot some tasty tasty Perpsi Sodas

Monday, 8 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - The Aftermath Pt.1

Fecking hell that's BOYL over for another year, smaller affair this year? Yes.. quieter? Nope!

So I now find myself sitting at home on the sofa (While the Wife snores in the Bedroom) at 7am thinking damn I've got used to having a Full English cooked by the Hotel Staff I wonder if I could get away with cooking one now...

Anyhoo I'm going to break this down into 3 Parts:

1> The General Pictures
2> The Judge Dredd Game
3> Nude pictures of James Taylor... Sorry I meant the To4OG Game.

Can you spot me, winner gets a free ''Too Sweet'' if you spot me and get that reference.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - Foundry's little suprise

So as you know BOYL is hosted by the fantastic Wargames Foundry and each year the do something special for the Oldhammer crowd from the Oldhammer Goblin to last years Unreleased 2000AD/Rogue Trader set being cast.

This year they have gone done it again.. Fresh from their Facebook page:

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - Judge Dredd Judgement Day

Just a quick post to remind everyone for the 3rd year running at BOYL I will be running a Judge Dredd Game.

You can view the last 2 years below:

This years theme will be based on the ”Judgement Day” story arc but rather then focus on Mega-City 1 or Hondo City it will be set in East-Meg 2 (Which was nearly over run by Sabbat’s Zombies) and their roll in the story.

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