Thursday, 31 December 2015

Chico's Last Painted Figure of 2015

Chico's Last Painted Figure of 2015

And it ain't even Oldhammer...

Shock horror eh?

Well not so much I guess as on OoaB I've always gone and posted any random figure I painted and has since grown to include many wonderful and varied posts.

So at the end of the day who cares if it ain't Oldhammer?

Wanna see it?

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Happy Hoildays!

A tad late but it's been Chaos (And not the good Slaaneshi kind either) in the Chico Kingdom.

But to all my friends, followers & readers of OoaB I'd like to wish you a happy holiday.

Anyway I'll leave you this image for you daily ''Awwww'' when I tried to do some painting yesterday:

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Abyssal Dwarfs - Ewal Dvergar ''Iron-caster''

So as I mentioned in the last post (HERE) I was rather taken with doing a Abyssal Dwarf force for Kings of War.

I wanted to go completely out of my comfort zone with the paint scheme and basing so I needed a test figure.

I have more Chaos Dwarves/Evil Dwarves/Ewal Dvergar then I'd ever need so it was just a matter of choosing one (A undercoated one preferred heh) and get cracking.

But before I could get painting I also wanted to try out a Cork Lava basing scheme, so having finished  that (After a try or 2 and a tad little bit of swearing) I got going on a Ewal Dvergar.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

KoW - Abyssal Dwarfs review

Yes it's another Mantic/KoW post this time checking out the Abyssal Dwarf range (Aka Khaos Dwarfs).

Now before we start I should make clear that I'm a Chaos/Evil Dwarf fan and tend to own many companies versions including a very sizable WhFB3 CD army and Mr Clam's Ewal Dvergar as a Mordheim Warband.

But I feel it's time to invest in some Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs, yes under no sense can be classed as Oldhammer but feck it lives too short to worry about such nonsense (Not that I do of course).

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ral Partha Ghost Dragon

Just a quick post,

But well it seems that I've got my painting habit back and managed to get a few hours painting over the last few days.

As you remember I happen to win a Ral Partha Ghost Dragon (More info HERE) and since my KoW Varangur army likes to bind monsters dead or alive to their forces it would seem rude not to include it eh?

He's a big beastie as you can see with a Hasslefree figure for scale.

Painting was interesting as I've never painted a Ghost/Ethereal before so kinda winged it  but here's what I did:

Black Undercoat
Army Painter Hydra Turquoise
Drybrush VGC White Primer
2-3 coats of super thinned down Hydra Turquoise  

Would I change anything if I painted it again, Hmmm I'd maybe start with a White Undercoat (Never ever have a used a White undercoat though so maybe not).

Well thanks for looking and now I'm off to work! 

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