Friday 25 November 2016

Evil Space Dorf's - The End

Just a quick post to say I'm no longer connected in anyway too the Evil Space Dorfs line.

Any Sculpts/Greens that are funded by myself (Part of Wave 1) have been removed from sale.

The Greens and casting rights at this point in time are not for sale.

The rest of the range I have no control  or say over.

Not happy but it happens when Personal, Hobby & Business mix.

Time to move forward and now look into getting another of my personal ranges into production.


Saturday 19 November 2016

Bolt Action/K'47 Free French - French Foreign Legion

Long time no post eh?

I could make an excuse but the simple reason is I'm just tired of ''Oldhammer''.

Still love the older mini's but the rules ain't my thing (Outside of Necromunda & Mordheim) and getting a game of anything was rather few and far between.

Top that off with no money, having to buy a new Laptop and thinning of my collections I'm just enjoying some Historic based systems (Well loosely Historic-skinned) in the form of Bolt Action V.2, TANKS (15mm small Tank Battles) & K'47.

Still it ain't all bad I've painted up 4 large BA forces so far (Late War Winter Germans, Early War Winter Soviets, Home Guard & Free French.

As Free French is what I'm doing now here's where they are now:

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