Friday 30 March 2018

The Great British Slaaneshi Rescue: Pt.3

Warning: Mistakes were made and wallets emptied, proceed at your own risk.

Welcome denizens of the underwebs to Pt.3 of the ongoing The Great British Slaaneshi Rescue.

No real progress has been made since yesterdays post other than I ummm.. bought something at full RRP.. *Faints* 😵

I know I know, I'll hand in my  Cheaps-bastard card along with the Oldhammer one I've already handed back in shall I? Hehe

But what did I get I hear you ask?

Thursday 29 March 2018

The Great British Slaaneshi Rescue: Pt.2

Welcome loyal viewers once again to the section of the interwebs only talked about in hushed whispers away from loved ones... No not Ebay!

Anyhoo, this is Pt.2 of the ongoing brownie point scoring project to relive my other halves long unloved Host of Slaanesh.

Pt.1 is HERE

Saturday 24 March 2018

Age of Sigmar - Skaven: Brood Horror's & Plague Catapult.

What's this!? a 3rd post this week, damn I'm spoiling you.

Now this post may surprise some of you but I've been dipping my toe (Paw?) into the world of AoS via reading of the novels as I'm a big reader.

While the fluff isn't quite my tastes or up to par with the ''World-that-was'' GeeDubs name for the Old World it did spark my interest enough to rebase my Skaven force (Which up till this point was sitting unloved).

While Kings of War is my go too bread and butter Fantasy game the player base near me is few and fair between and already having 4 KoW forces didn't need another.

While rebasing I kind of fell in love with my Skaven again, they have some rather nice mini's.

Friday 23 March 2018

The Great British Slaaneshi Rescue: Pt.1

Welcome boys and girls to the Den of Vice and Dice, it's new project time and it's an earner of brownie points to-boot .

Now almost 7 years ago my Wife stuck her toe in the world of Wargaming to try and see what I was addicted too.

So I bought her some modern plastics and metal kits of her choice (Slaaneshi demons as you may have gathered from the post title) for her Birthday to have a wee play about with. 

While she both stuck them together and painted them they were soon just thrown in a random box unloved after only a few months.

Oh well I tried.

Now speed forward too yesterday.

I was digging though my boxes in my loft trying too find a spare carrying case and I've found them all unloved and broken.

A idea sparked, ''Why don't I repair them and do a full repaint in her chosen colour scheme (Plus maybe buy some new bits, but shhh about that 😈) and earn some brownie points''

Worst outcome is she just doesn't care and I get a new gaming force, best outcome well.. ummm.. you know 😉.

Wednesday 21 March 2018

3D Printing... I bloody love it!

Wow been awhile since the last post, I made that fatal mistake of stating that it was getting warmer again and that I'd start getting back in the flow of things..

What happened.. The Beast for the East and the worst weather in decades... Ooops!

Still I'm almost got back into the hobby swing so it's time for some Blogging! (Yay?).

So we all know about 3D printing and how it's been slowly but surely improving and getting cheaper over the last few years.

I'm a big fan of it myself so I'd thought I'd share my experience.
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