Saturday 31 May 2014

Judge Chico: Painting Judge Dredd Part 2 - Mean Machine Angel & Judge Dredd

I have to say despite some rough areas and being 25mm these are a real joy to paint. Both Fink and Dredd seemed to paint themselves.

Now my paint scheme isn't 100% canon and I've taken a few liberty's with the Judges uniforms, This is how I have always pictured them in my head rather then the mismatched colour choices in the various 2000AD front covers.

Fink and Mean Machine Angel

Friday 30 May 2014

Judge Chico: Painting Judge Dredd Part 1 - Fink Angel

Even though my eyes are still wonky I've been trying to get back painting, my test piece was none other then Fink Angel himself.

Fink Angel

Thursday 29 May 2014

Judge Chico: Collecting Judge Dredd Part 3 - Angel Gang Part 1

So part 3 of the collecting series continues, this time It's 3 members of the Angel Gang. The other Gang members will be in the next post.

I think I love the Angel gang most out of everyone in or related to 2000AD/Judge Dredd, but it's a hard call which Angel I like the most.

Mean Machine Angel
When he was young, he was gentle, nice and utterly unlike his viciously criminal family. Pa Angel was not pleased by this, and kidnapped a surgeon from nearby Texas City to operate on him, making him the crazed cyborg he is now.

He has a mechanical right arm and a steel dome over his skull with a dial on the front. This dial has four settings; from 1, where he's surly and disagreeable, all the way up to 4, which is when he is fully berserk. His favorite attack is a head-butt.

 He died during the Judge Child saga, but was brought back from the grave by the Judge Child to seek revenge on Judge Dredd. At the end of his return, he was captured by the Mega-City One judges and imprisoned. While there have been escapes and attempts to cure him, he is currently incarcerated in Iso-Cube 666 (which holds the most dangerous foes Dredd has gone up against and subsequently captured, such as Stan Lee and the Dark Judges) in Mega-City One.

Technically the only member of the Angel Gang left, in a recent break-out Mean Machine has discovered that he has a son from his brief relationship with Sadie Suggs. His son is exactly like Mean Machine was during his childhood; good, kind, gentle and sweet. As well as working on his own, Mean Machine occasionally teams up with other crooks, such as Judge Death (in Judgement on Gotham). He is also occasionally "loaned out" to the Judges for missions. One of his most unusual missions was when he was part of "The Three Amigos"; Himself, Judge Dredd and Judge Death.

Wednesday 28 May 2014

[BOYL14]: Judge Dredd Scenario

Scenario and Fluff:

(Note this isn't Judge Dredd/2000 AD cannon, but rather based upon what could of happened after the Destinys Angels story arc)

The Judge Child watched as the ships fired and in his last moments thought to himself he'll still have his revenge upon Dredd but it'll take place in a alternative universe.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Judge Chico: Collecting Judge Dredd Part 2

Part 2 of what will be a long running series of posts of my collecting of Judge Dredd Citadel Range. So far I have gotten hold of 24 of the range but budget is now running low so my collecting will indeed slow down.All figures in the photos are all figures I own rather then borrow Wiki images.

Judge Dredd
 Judge Joseph Dredd is the titular character of the Judge Dredd universe. Judge Dredd is a clone of the "Father of Justice" Eustace T. Fargo , and is the most feared, respected, and widely known of all the Judges. 

Judge Dredd is a Senior Street Judge, and since 2132 a member of the Council of Five the ruling body of the Justice Department of Mega City One.

Monday 26 May 2014

Judge Chico: Collecting Judge Dredd Part 1

So in the last week I've gone a little Judge Dredd crazy, in part to cheer myself up. I've been on the hunt for the Citadel Judge Dredd/2000 AD range and I've managed to hunt down 14 of the little figures so far.

Of course my favourite Judge has to be Judge Chico who first appeared in Land Race, I will be converting him using a Dredd and a RT Space Marine Scout :)

Anyway this post I'm going to show off some of my favourites I've got so far and just have a good ol' ramble on about whatever takes my fancy. We'll start with a few of the misunderstood Judge :)

SJS Judge Slocum
SJS Judge Slocum served Judge Cal during his brief reign of terror. He killed Deputy Chief Judge Fish on Dredd's orders. His role in Fish's death went undetected, but he was later executed for inadvertently calling Cal "crazy," then a capital offence. He was paralysed and then pickled alive in a giant vat of vinegar

Saturday 24 May 2014

Challenge Week: Chaos

Its time for the 5th Chico Challenge Week™ .. 


Ahem excuse me I got a little carried away there, anyway this weeks Challenge will be slighty different so make sure you read the rules below or you could end up losing out.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Epic Orks: Kult of Speed

Just a small update, these ladz were the last thing I painted before my eyes went wonky. Rather pleased with how they turned out.

2 Nob Bikers and a Buggie
3 Evil Sun Battlewagons

Monday 19 May 2014

Some bad news and the state of the Challenge Weeks

Hey Boys, Girls and People (I use that word loosely) from Essex,

Well I like to keep this Blog as Oldhammer (By my definition) as possible but now and again my personal problems do get aired as I tend to find I've fostered a almost Pub like atmosphere to this Blog where you can talk about any subject in a friendly manner (Except Religion unless It's Chicoism ™)

So what's my point?

Well some of you may have noticed the slight decrease in posts and painted figures, this is not dew to the Blog closing down but rather to my failing eyesight.

Yesterday I got back from seeing a Dr in the specialist Moorfields Eye Hospital in central London and they have found 3 problems so far (More tests are needed this Friday)

They are:

Increased pressure behind my eyes
Mild Diabetic Retinopathy
Small tear in my right eye

Now this is far from great but it could have been worse so I have to look on the positive side of things, It does mean painting and hobby related goodness will decrease alot for alittle while.

Friday 16 May 2014

6mm Terrain

So me and my Wife are looking to move in the coming months and I've been promised I an have a gaming table! (Much bribes were used in this process).

It's part of the reason my basing have become more uniform so they'll match my table :)

Anyway with the Oldhammer Weekend coming up and I have a few Epic games planned so to kill 2 Frenchies (Looking at you Mr Ass ;) ) with 1 stone I'm making/buying some 6mm terrain pieces.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Happy Birthday Blog!! Now where's my pressies!

Yep it's true this Blog is now a year old, you know what that means? Yep thats right you been reading my crap for a whole year and haven't fecked off. Well apart from Warlord Paul who I caught in the bushes ''fecking off'' but shhh he told me not to tell everyone but your'll keep it quiet right?.. Right?

Some little OoaB facts for you:

44752 Page Views in 1 Year (At the time of typing this)
192 Posts have been made.
579 Comments have been left (Not including spam)
80 Followers/Minions.
81 Countrys IP's have been recorded.

Friday 9 May 2014

Epic Orks; Badmoons Stompas and Battlewagons Support Cards

Wow in a weeks time this Blog will be 1 year old and as it stands nearly 45k views.. anyway more about that later then week.

Today I bring you more shit pictures of my latest Epic Orks (With conversions, sadly not from me).

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Challenge: The Wild Card - Selene aka Kate Beckinsale

So for my first Wild Card entry I've chosen a rather sexy lady Vampire!

After centuries of militaristic discipline, having served as a Death Dealer of the Vampire Clan, Selene had long-since developed a near-impervious, stoic external demeanour. Selene is not known for a sense of humor, and is actually one of the most honest Vampires in the franchise. She is also something of an idealist, believing in certain ideals as justice. Although a Vampire for six centuries, Selene only really willingly interacted with other Death Dealers, and has never fit in with her own kind (most of whom are too absorbed in their own pursuits of self-gratification). Unlike them, Selene has never forgotten why she became a Vampire, and that they are at war with the Lycans, which leads her to consider them layabouts and dead-weight, and as such cares little for what they all think of her.

Painted by Kevin Dallimore

Sunday 4 May 2014

Epic Orks: Bad Moons Ork Dread Mob Support Card & Blood Axe Nobz

Been a quiet week on the Epic front as I'd run out of 2p's to base with, surprisingly it's rather hard to pick up 2p's in this day and age.. either that or it's just plain sods law.

Anyway I'm back on track after convincing a Bank teller to give me some (I went in Natwest Bank last week and they told me sorry they don 't hold that many 2p's up front.. wtf it's a Bank!)

Anyway here's a few pictures:

Bad Moons Dread Mob Support Card:

Saturday 3 May 2014

It's that time again... and the new Challenge is!?

Yep that's right this Challenge Week is The Wild Card! So what does that mean I here you ask? Well the rules are simple:

1. Choose a handful of figures in your collection that's either been waiting to be painted for awhile or you are looking for any excuse to paint them. In fact this is the Wild Card you an paint pretty much anything this week.

2. All pictures can be uploaded to users own Blog, Oldhammer FB Group and the Oldhammer Forum as and when you fancy.

3.There is no prize as normal, this is there to motivate you to get painting and enjoy the hobby

So there we go, you have the Weekend to get preparing and as it's the most open and inconclusive Challenge Week yet you have no excuse not to join.
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