Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Cult is rising! Pray to the 4-armed God


A few months ago entered my Cult of the Children force into my local GW's Army of the Month contest and won, below are the pictures of that entry. I've painted alot more Cult bits since then, but I'll show them off another time.

I like gaming with old figures but with current rules, that way i can always get a game in and get the joy of painting the classic sculpts.

This Cult is built for use for Codex: Imperial Guard, hence the Heavy Weapon teams. Genestealer count as allied Deamonettes

Cult of the Children (Has grown alot since this picture)

Command Squad, Hybrid Leader has since been redone

Battle Psyker Squad

Platoon Command Squad

'Stealers baby!

3  Autocannon Teams, behind 3rd Ed 40k Ruins

 Next update i'll post some more of the Cult i have been working on.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Goblin Aid

For you which don't know GoblinAid is a project launched by Ian 'Geronimo' Brumby (of Fenris Games) and Jon 'Dags' Atter (cat-herder for the Frothers Charity projects) to raise funds for Kev Adams to help in his recovery.

On March 20th Kev Adams was brutally assaulted during a robbery at his home. A Facebook page was soon set up for gamers to share news and coordinate some help for Kev- GoblinAid
Within days some of the finest sculptors in the business had volunteered to sculpt goblin miniatures that could be sold to help the cause.

Now the good news the first 6 packs have been cast and soon be ready for sale.

If you interested in helping out or buying some of these fantastic Goblins head over to the Facebook page HERE

Or if you can't wait for those Goblins you can head over to Wargames Foundry to get some of Kev Adams fantastic Snorklings

Until next time, have a beer or 2 and relax.


Monday, 27 May 2013

Ram raiding GW? Yes please!


No this isn't a post about GW pricing, as i couldn't careless if they keep upping the price and releasing something new and shiny to use to rape your gaming opponent army. As 90% of the figures i want are 20 years old or older.

No no no.. this is something much better as someone drove there car into a GW store.. come on who hasn't dreamed on doing that once in awhile? heh ;)

And before anyone says otherwise, yes i know its a old picture and its been floating around awhile in the interwebz, i thought you all may get a laugh from it.

As always feel free to comment and follow this Blog, once i get 20 followers i'll give away a Oldhammer prize.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chaos Dwarfs of Malal sighted!


At the beginning of this year GW Watford ran a few Army of the Month contests, for the first month outing I entered my Malalite Chaos Dwarfs. Which are mostly built from 3rd Ed Chaos Dwarfs for use with Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos rules

For those who don't know who Malal is here is a brief description:

Malal, also now called Malice, is a renegade Chaos God and the Hierarch of Anarchy and Terror. Also known as "The Outcast God", "The Lost God" and "The Renegade God", Malal was the embodiment of Chaos indiscriminate and anarchic tendency toward destruction, even of itself and its own agents. The nature of Malal's/Malice's powers is parasitic, as the Renegade God grows in power only when the other Ruinous Powers do. Malal's sacred number is 11 and his sacred colours are black and white.

These placed a respectable 2nd just being beaten to the post my a Legion of the Dammed Marine force.

Highlights of these include a converted Heroquest Dwarf and the Blunderbuss/Swivel Gun unit, for more pictures you can view there WIPthread HERE

Until next time, remember to follow this blog and drink lots of Beer :)


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

On the cheap - Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of the On the cheap series. Today we are once again on about tips and tricks with dealing with the sentient entity know as Ebay.

I've already mentioned Job/Mixed/Junk in the last On the cheap post, this time its all about a well used Ebay hunting tactic known as ''Misspelling searches'' Not everyone knows the Oldhammer and Wargaming World quite like us so when selling what they view as worthless or taking up space not everyone will know the correct spelling.

Now in the last few days i picked up 3 auctions which were misspelt or not correctly listed.

Now the above lot was a misspelt listing, it was listed as ''warhammer 40k 9 hybreed genestealers''
While not a rare listing the misspelling of Hybrid as Hybreed meant that most Genestealer Cult collectors missed them and in the end i grabbed myself a bargain.

The Shock Attack gun above was listed as ''Ork with Rocket Launcher'' and in the end only sold for £1.70 and after a Dettol bath came away perfect with no damage and just needing a new left arm (Came with a Marine arm)

My 3rd and final incorrectly listed auction win was the above 5 Boarboyz, now these was listed as: ''Orc collectable boarboys'' because they were labelled as Orc and not Ork these went for peanuts.

Remember that there's always bargins to be had on Ebay, you just have to be clever about it.

Until next time, feel free to comment with your Ebay wins and loses, also make sure you follow this Blog as at some point i will be giving away a prize to a random follower.

Cheers and until next time
- Chico

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Waaaagh Gobfang Ugsnaga - Blood Axe Warband

These have been posted in a few other places but now there being posted all in the same place, so below are my current pictures of my Blood Axe Warband.

This is just a small part of the Warband with more pictures coming soon. (So keep coming back)

Da Kommada Gobfang Ugsnaga

The infamous EGGnought, still with a half finished basing and a little bit more wear and tear too finish

Weridboy and Minderz 

Blood Axe Boyz Mob

Blood Axe Mek

 Snake Bite Boarboyz

Snake Bite Runt Herd

- Chico

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ork Artwork

As it stands I'm having a bit of an Ork addiction and I've found not only drooling over many a old-school Ork force on the internet. I've also found myself saving many pieces of  Ork artwork/drawing to my Laptop.

Here are some of my favourites:

Classic RT picture, love the Jolly Ork banner.

2nd Ed Orks, these are what Orks should be. Not the crap GW produces for the range now.

Quite a modern piece by my standards, but there's just something about a mutant/chaos Ork that appeals to my inner-self 

Freebooter Badge: The Jolly Ork


Freebooters, this reminds me i need to get a mob together.

Right until next time, enjoy and feel free to follow this blog and comment on anything you see fit.


Friday, 17 May 2013

4 A Miniatures

Well ain't you people lucky, another post for your enjoyment.

Now i'm a major fan of 4 A Miniatures but so much the Sea Goblins sculpted by Kev Adams  (Sorry Kev), but im please to hear none the less that Kev is sculpting a new range of Hobgoblins and the talented Mr John Pickford has sculpted 4 new Chaos Dwarfs and with plans to have 2 more done in June.

Also 2 pictures have been posted of the new 4 A toys

Over on Clam's blog you can also see the 4 new Chaos Dwarfs Master Molds, which are stunning and a new take on Chaos/Evil Dwarves.

Enjoy folks until next time


Thursday, 16 May 2013

On the cheap - Part 1


We all know that as a hobby Oldhammer and Wargaming in general can and does get rather expensive at times.

But there are a few ways to get round this:

First of all Ebay is great but does have some rather silly prices. I myself tend to use Ebay to buy and forums to sell/trade, that way i'm keeping my costs down as much as i can.

When buying on Ebay try to have a set price in mind when buying and just walk away when it goes too high, don't get your hopes up and end up throwing too much money at the auction.

Junk/mixed/job lots are you friends. Junk lots are random auctions with badly/broken painted bits of lead/plastic and tend to go for a few £ at a time, Junk lots are great as sometimes there that gem in there that would normally go for the higher price tag. Plus everything else can be paint stripped and/or fixed and sold/traded on for a profit.

My last junk lot paid £6 inc postage

Mixed/Job lots are random auctions filled with an unlikely mix of lead, such as the one i had not too long ago of Genestealer Hybrids and RT Orks. It seems with mixed lots people tend to leave them well alone dew too either wanting only a specific figure or not wanting the hassle of trading/selling off the figures they don't want.

Mixed Lot, got these for £10


Now as stated before i love trading and selling on forums. My 2 of choice is the Blood Forum and The Lead Adventure Forum.

As i'm always buying junk/mixed/job lots on Ebay i'm forever having to sell off the extras but this is alot of work but  tends to be well worth it. This also keeps the Wife happy as I'm not spending too much money on toys other then the money i make selling of the extras.

Trading is the other option when using a Forum. I quite like trading but i tend to trade on value then 1 for 1 which isn't always possible.

I'm not out to make money out of fellow gamers so i never charge the earth for my extras, but i like to make enough so that i'm able to buy a few figures a week to keep my addiction feed.

Anyway until next time, feel free to follow this blog and share and comment.

Now where did i happen to leave that damn Hair Squig..


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Genestealer Cult fluff and background

Genestealer Hybrids, by Dave Gallagher

Each hybrid generation possesses a somewhat specific anatomy. By infecting a victim with its genetic material, a Genestealer passes on some of its physical characteristics to the victim's first offspring. In the first generation, this gives rise to a Hybrid with a number of Genestealer traits. Through successive generations of Hybrids these traits become less extreme, until in the fourth generation the Hybrids can pass as normal Humans.
First generation: The first generation Hybrids are born to human (or otherwise) parents, one of which has been infected. Of all the generations they resemble Genestealers most closely. They have either three or four arms.
Second generation: Second generation hybrids always possess three arms, one of which ends in the genestealer claw.
Third Generation: These hybrids possess bodies somewhere between the crouched bodies of genestealers and the humanoid shapes of humans. They appear perpetually crouched, possess two or three arms one of which might end in a genestealer claw. Some lack the ovipositor of preceding generations; these are called drones or neuters, although they can still infect other races through their blood.
Fourth Generation: This generation is virtually indistinguishable from members of the host species. They retain the hypnotic gaze of genestealers, making them rather charismatic. A "mutant" which can appear among this generation is the Magus, which takes the highest position in a Genestealer Cult, besides the Genestealer Patriarch. The first offspring of fourth generation hybrids are invariably purestrain genestealers, allowing the cycle to continue.

Cult of the Children

My Cult are almost at the final stages, all 4 generations of Hybrid have been spawned/born. But it hasn't all gone the Cults way the Patriarch has been killed and there's yet to be any Purestrains born. Therefore my Cult is led by a Magus Sirval(A 4th Generation Hybrid) until a Purestrain can take over the role of Patriarch.

The Cult of the Children was a religious group on Darvon VI, founded by a former Assistant Navigator, Sirval. It was a cloak for a Genestealer Cult which later brought the planet under its control. Sirval had been infected by a genestealer, after which he retired from space travel, settling on Darvon VI, marrying and having children.
The tenets of the cult promoted modesty and hard work, but also complete seclusion from the rest of society, and forbid its followers from travelling off planet. As much of the population were members of the cult, the planet couldn't fulfill its obligation of raising regiments for the Imperial Guard. When a recruiting force of Ogryns descended on the cult's isolated settlements, the cult finally began its uprising, eventually bringing the entire planet under its contro

Short story from 1st Ed Space Hulk:

The Assistant Navigator Sirval was the only survivor of the space freighter Tantalus III which was attacked en route to the Imperial world of Darvon VI. The freighter was boarded by Genestealers and Genestealer Hybrids. Sirval was spared to become a host, and infected by a Genestealer. He was later rescued in a lifeboat in orbit around the gas giant Darvon VIII. Sirval told his rescuers that the Tantalus was attacked by pirates.
The rescuers' shuttle took Sirval to Darvon VI. It towed the lifeboat back to the planet with them, the shuttle's captain planning to claim salvage rights. Sirval was subjected to rigorous examination. Because the Inquisition concluded Sirval showed no signs of spiritual pollution, he was released.
The lifeboat was to be brought down to the planet's space port. However, during the journey to the planet's surface, contact with the pilot was lost. Shortly afterwards the lifeboat crash landed in a dense forest. A purestrain genestealer had presumably killed the crew, and survived the crash landing on the planet.
Three months later, Sirval married a young woman from the city, moved out of town and began homesteading fifteen miles from the site of the crash. A year later, their first child was born.
Subsequently he founded the Cult of the Children, a new religious group; its tenets promoted modesty, industry, and complete seclusion. The cult grew inexorably in power and number until it became the second most popular religion on the planet. Most of the cultists were innocent dupes, completely unaware of the sinister origins of the cult and its even more frightening objectives. However, innocent or not, their number gave the cult a great deal of power on the lightly populated planet. Despite the cult's growing strength, the government did not recognize them as a threat.
It was tolerated, and even seen as beneficial, because its tenets included assent to worldly authority, ("Render unto the Emperor what is the Emperor's"). The Governor did not begrudge the cultists their peculiarities - if the members wished to stay in seclusion or travel about in black, voluminous robes, as long as they paid their taxes, that was their business.
The "religion" of course was nothing more than a Genestealer Cult, bent on complete dominance, and the planet was overrun and taken over by the cult.

Arhhh the start of a new blog

So I've had 2 other Blogs before now ( & ) both I enjoyed doing but in the end they just died out.

Now with this Blog I'm hoping it won't happen again, and for that reason its going to be a Blog of many subjects from Oldhammer in its pure form too old figures being used for the new rules systems. Not to mention tactics collecting on the cheap which i love.

My 2 current projects are an 2nd Ed Ork force and a Genestealer Cult. Both are being built on the cheap, but i hope to show you that does mean bad or shit. Its just about shopping and trading smartly.

So in summing up, expect to see lots of old toys and my random thoughts.

- Cheers

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