Tuesday, 21 May 2013

On the cheap - Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of the On the cheap series. Today we are once again on about tips and tricks with dealing with the sentient entity know as Ebay.

I've already mentioned Job/Mixed/Junk in the last On the cheap post, this time its all about a well used Ebay hunting tactic known as ''Misspelling searches'' Not everyone knows the Oldhammer and Wargaming World quite like us so when selling what they view as worthless or taking up space not everyone will know the correct spelling.

Now in the last few days i picked up 3 auctions which were misspelt or not correctly listed.

Now the above lot was a misspelt listing, it was listed as ''warhammer 40k 9 hybreed genestealers''
While not a rare listing the misspelling of Hybrid as Hybreed meant that most Genestealer Cult collectors missed them and in the end i grabbed myself a bargain.

The Shock Attack gun above was listed as ''Ork with Rocket Launcher'' and in the end only sold for £1.70 and after a Dettol bath came away perfect with no damage and just needing a new left arm (Came with a Marine arm)

My 3rd and final incorrectly listed auction win was the above 5 Boarboyz, now these was listed as: ''Orc collectable boarboys'' because they were labelled as Orc and not Ork these went for peanuts.

Remember that there's always bargins to be had on Ebay, you just have to be clever about it.

Until next time, feel free to comment with your Ebay wins and loses, also make sure you follow this Blog as at some point i will be giving away a prize to a random follower.

Cheers and until next time
- Chico

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  1. interesting post I will have to try some misspelling when my self imposed ebay ban lifts


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