Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Cult is rising! Pray to the 4-armed God


A few months ago entered my Cult of the Children force into my local GW's Army of the Month contest and won, below are the pictures of that entry. I've painted alot more Cult bits since then, but I'll show them off another time.

I like gaming with old figures but with current rules, that way i can always get a game in and get the joy of painting the classic sculpts.

This Cult is built for use for Codex: Imperial Guard, hence the Heavy Weapon teams. Genestealer count as allied Deamonettes

Cult of the Children (Has grown alot since this picture)

Command Squad, Hybrid Leader has since been redone

Battle Psyker Squad

Platoon Command Squad

'Stealers baby!

3  Autocannon Teams, behind 3rd Ed 40k Ruins

 Next update i'll post some more of the Cult i have been working on.



  1. Nice. Love me them genestealer cults.

  2. great army, gratz on the win notch one for Oldhammer
    Peace James

  3. Thanks, i love Genestealer Hybrids the metal Bod Olley figures are a joy to paint. Since these pictures were taken i have bought/traded for another 25-30 of them. Getting the ready for a Invasion Tournament in a couple of months time


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