Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Arhhh the start of a new blog

So I've had 2 other Blogs before now ( & ) both I enjoyed doing but in the end they just died out.

Now with this Blog I'm hoping it won't happen again, and for that reason its going to be a Blog of many subjects from Oldhammer in its pure form too old figures being used for the new rules systems. Not to mention tactics collecting on the cheap which i love.

My 2 current projects are an 2nd Ed Ork force and a Genestealer Cult. Both are being built on the cheap, but i hope to show you that does mean bad or shit. Its just about shopping and trading smartly.

So in summing up, expect to see lots of old toys and my random thoughts.

- Cheers


  1. Chiiiiicooooo....
    Awesome you have a blog. Get some of the many wip pics of your orks up and show us those hybrids :-)

  2. I am along for the ride, look forward to seeing plenty of output
    Peace James


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