Monday, 27 May 2013

Ram raiding GW? Yes please!


No this isn't a post about GW pricing, as i couldn't careless if they keep upping the price and releasing something new and shiny to use to rape your gaming opponent army. As 90% of the figures i want are 20 years old or older.

No no no.. this is something much better as someone drove there car into a GW store.. come on who hasn't dreamed on doing that once in awhile? heh ;)

And before anyone says otherwise, yes i know its a old picture and its been floating around awhile in the interwebz, i thought you all may get a laugh from it.

As always feel free to comment and follow this Blog, once i get 20 followers i'll give away a Oldhammer prize.



  1. waste of a good car I say, Not bought GW for 10 years now.
    Peace James
    blogs coming on well BTW

  2. Many thanks James, i still buy GW paint and Forgeworld toys, but i tend to just buy from Ebay now.

  3. "but the new codex means you need to re-roll that impact hit"


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