Thursday, 16 May 2013

On the cheap - Part 1


We all know that as a hobby Oldhammer and Wargaming in general can and does get rather expensive at times.

But there are a few ways to get round this:

First of all Ebay is great but does have some rather silly prices. I myself tend to use Ebay to buy and forums to sell/trade, that way i'm keeping my costs down as much as i can.

When buying on Ebay try to have a set price in mind when buying and just walk away when it goes too high, don't get your hopes up and end up throwing too much money at the auction.

Junk/mixed/job lots are you friends. Junk lots are random auctions with badly/broken painted bits of lead/plastic and tend to go for a few £ at a time, Junk lots are great as sometimes there that gem in there that would normally go for the higher price tag. Plus everything else can be paint stripped and/or fixed and sold/traded on for a profit.

My last junk lot paid £6 inc postage

Mixed/Job lots are random auctions filled with an unlikely mix of lead, such as the one i had not too long ago of Genestealer Hybrids and RT Orks. It seems with mixed lots people tend to leave them well alone dew too either wanting only a specific figure or not wanting the hassle of trading/selling off the figures they don't want.

Mixed Lot, got these for £10


Now as stated before i love trading and selling on forums. My 2 of choice is the Blood Forum and The Lead Adventure Forum.

As i'm always buying junk/mixed/job lots on Ebay i'm forever having to sell off the extras but this is alot of work but  tends to be well worth it. This also keeps the Wife happy as I'm not spending too much money on toys other then the money i make selling of the extras.

Trading is the other option when using a Forum. I quite like trading but i tend to trade on value then 1 for 1 which isn't always possible.

I'm not out to make money out of fellow gamers so i never charge the earth for my extras, but i like to make enough so that i'm able to buy a few figures a week to keep my addiction feed.

Anyway until next time, feel free to follow this blog and share and comment.

Now where did i happen to leave that damn Hair Squig..


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