Monday 31 March 2014

Ork Week: The Final Part - Gork and Mork! Or Mork and Gork!

So as Ork week comes to a close and I'm suffering from Ork (Read: man) Flu I'd thought I'd share an article about the Ork Gods. What better way to end a week dedicated to them.

Gork and Mork are the Gods of the Orks, the fathers of the WAAAGH! and all round thugz. Gork is brutal but kunnin' and Mork is kunnin' but brutal, what more is there to say? Look at them wrong and they'll kick yer teef in.

Whilst Gork smashes you over the head with his huge spiked club Mork will give you a staggering low blow, demonstrating the kunnin-ness and brutality of the Orkish Gods.
Ork Stompas and Gargants are built in honour (and possibly in the likeness of) the two mighty Greenskin Gods. The Mekboyz who build them work from a vision held within their imagination that they believe has been sent to them by Gork and Mork, usually inspired during the onset of a new WAAAGH!.

Saturday 29 March 2014

Ork Week: Part 4 & Ebay Listings

Arrhhh, So more then half way though Ork Week and how are you doing on this challenge?

Me I have now finished my 3rd and final Ork Buggy and have finished the Kult of Speed. I'm I going to stop there? Ummm no! Next will either be some Grots to finished of the Herd or maybe Squig Katapult or 2.

Last Ork Buggy finished

Friday 28 March 2014

Ork Week Part 3 + Genestealer Cult Bits for sale

Arhhh Wednesday and Thursday saw my my painting slow down dew to to various reasons. Wednesday I went to my Local Gaming Club Watford Wargaming Federation which saw my Chaos Dwarves run riot over there rival Vanilla Dwarfs (He had 3 Dwarves left at the end of the game). Thursday saw my TV aerial finally being fixed after 11 days with no telly (Sadness).

But I did finish of my Skorcha and half a Warbuggy, so it wasn't a total lose.

Needa Lite Bruv?

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Ork Week: Part 2

Day 2 of Ork week and 2 more Blood Axe Kult of Speed Bikers finished, one converted and both on a semi-new style of base.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Ork Week: Part 1

So it's day 2 of the first ever Chico run Ork Week in the Oldhammer cyberspace. So what have you been up too?

Me I've finished my first 2 toys, a Plasma Buggy and Sleazy Rider!

Sunday 23 March 2014

I declare this coming week, Ork Week!

So the last few months I've painted nothing 40k, and I've got the bug to paint some once again (Typical it's during another project but on well)

So I send out an open challenge to my Blog readers (Or anyone else for that matter) to join me in Ork Week, the goal is simply paint some Orks.. any Orks and any era.. but just have fun doing so.

Friday 21 March 2014

Asgard Miniatures

Asgard Miniatures was founded by Bryan Ansell in 1976. Ansell had previously designed the Conquest Age of Joman range which therefore explains the certain similarities which exist between one or two figures of the Conquest range and the Asgard range.

Asgard went out of business somewhere in the early to mid 1980's. The Viking Forge ended up with the rights in the US for a good portion of the 25mm fantasy ranges and continues to produce them to this day. In the UK, Tabletop Games acquired all of the Asgard assets and continued to produce much of them until around the mid 2000's when Tabletop itself was acquired by Alternative Armies. Alternative Armies has brought some of the old Asgard figures back into production.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Grenadier Models UK

Arrrh viewed by some as the poor step-child of miniature collecting and loved by others. I have to say I'm a recent fan, maybe with in the last few years I've taken interest in there back catalogue and bought more and more ex-Grenadier figures.

Grenadier Models UK

Grenadier models UK Ltd was created in 1984. Bob Watts approached Roger Higgins of Games of Liverpool, Grenadier's British distributor, to cast Grenadier's products for the European market. Higgins recruited his Import and Wholesale Manager, Doug Cowie and Mal Green to set up and run Grenadier Models UK. Casting equipment was set up above their Birkenhead offices and they learned the trade of casting by trial and error. Public grants through the Welsh Development Agency assisted a move to northern Wales.

Thursday 13 March 2014

Vallejo Game Colour Review

So I'll admit I've been a die hard GW paint user from my beginning in this hobby in '93. But with the last GW paint change I've decided to try Game/Model Colour paint ranges, not because I didn't like to new GW range (Love the metallics and washes) but because I's thought it was a now or never moment.

I have to say I find VGC very hit and miss, for example Charred Brown and Tan are now must haves for me from now on as they make painting flesh so easy and eye popping. Now on the other hand Gory Red looks rather nice but is a bugger to paint on in less then 2/3 layers. But the worst of the look is Gunmetal... it's so shiny even when shaken for some time and washed with GW Nuln Oil.

Monday 10 March 2014

Ral Partha Europe

Ral Parthe Europe was established in 2000 to manufacture and supply classic Battletech and Ral Partha Fantasy miniatures to mail order and trade customers throughout Europe and the Commonwealth.

They relocated in 2010 to our new, larger factory premises and shortly after relaunched our mail order service as RPE Miniatures & Games (it's easier to type!). They have  since added new ranges such as 'DSA- Das Schwarze Auge' and recently acquired 'Demonworld 15mm'

Nearly all the miniatures listed on this site are in production and manufactured  in Liverpool by the lumbering cave Trolls that are Martyn and Paul.

Now I have to admit until today I never really have a great look at the RPE site except for a brief look for Goblin Aid awhile back preferring to use suppliers which sold Ral Partha products such as Second City Games.

But today I spent a nice hour or so going though everything and there are some real golden products to be found.

Sadrak Whassoi Orc Marshall

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Night Stalkers Warband: LatD Warband

Looks like theirs another first for me today, I've rolled up a Chaos Warband using LatD. I did fudge my Champion a little and choose a Female Human rather then a random roll on the chart though, who cares though what matters is I'm going to enjoy making every second of this project.

So my rolls:

Zanna: Champion of Malal - Human Female level 15
Heavy Armour, shield, Mark of Malal (Undivided)
Chaos Gift: 64-69 Strength +3
526-535 Irrational Hatred

As already stated I choose my race/gender & level, thats because I already had Kalee from Hasslefree to use. Perfect don't you think?

Arhhh 30k Blog views...

Very nice I have broke the 30k Blog Views (30.631) which was the goal I  happened too set myself at the start up of this Blog in May '13.

So with my health still quite bad I'd haven't done any real hobby for awhile but rather I concentrated on what was Affinity Miniatures. With that now ended I can once again try to start painting/collecting once more Wooo!

Anyway for this post I'd like to share once more what was my favourite project of last year.. My Future Wars Savage Gang sculpted by Mark Copplestone and sold though EM4

Saturday 1 March 2014

The Dark Lands

To carry on my Hobgoblin themed fluff posts here's another one for you all to enjoy:

It is a stark and cheerless place where nature has rent the ground and burst the mountains apart. Amongst the peaks volcanoes spew black smoke into the filthy sky. In the plains the stench of tar pits and oil pools hangs heavily in the air. Steaming lava from beneath the earth's crust covers the ash wastes with a blanket of bubbling magma. It is bordered by both sides by the World's Edge Mountain, and the empire of the Dwarves , and the Mountains of Mourn, of the Ogre Kingdom. "Almost nothing can grow in the Dark Lands. The dim light and choking air combine to ensure that the land remains devoid of vegetation, except for a few straggly black thorns. The volcanoes and gaping pits bring up all kinds of minerals and gems from beneath the earth: gold and silver, iron and copper, diamonds and sapphires, as well as sulphur, oil and tar. It is a land rich in the materials that Dwarves especially covet."

 At the centre of the empire lies the great Ziggurat of Zharr-Naggrund, the obsidian capital of the chaos dwarfs , and home to the great temple of Hashut. Much of the Dark Lands is a stark place where nature has rent the ground and burst the mountains apart. Amongst the peaks volcanoes spew black smoke into the sky. In the plains the stench of tar pits and oil pools hangs heavily in the air. Steaming lava from beneath the earth's crust covers the ash wastes with a blanket of bubbling magma. As a result it is almost impossible for anything to grow in these harsh and unforgiving conditions, the dim light and polluted air ensure that nothing except for a few thin black thorns can thrive there. The volcanoes and pits bring up all sorts of minerals and gems as well as sulphur, oil and tar - things that the Chaos Dwarves long for above anything else. The south coast of the Dark Lands is covered in thick forest, the exception of the previous rule, as are the foothills of the World's Edge Mountains and the Mountains of Mourn.

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