Saturday 28 February 2015

Chaos Squats: Warlords, Hearthguard, Medic & Ad Mech

The revamp continues.. While I'm repairing everything I'm both changing/updating their paint scheme and converting up a few.

Thursday 26 February 2015

Chaos Squats: Rebuilt Trike

Yesterday As some of you were aware I had a disaster when one on my newly put up display shelves collapsed taking the newly displayed Squats and others tumbling down...


Lots of broken and/or chipped figures, after I calmed down and collected the bits I could find and reattached the shelf (Now sits empty though) I started repairing what I could..Sadly 1 HW Trike was smashed and needed a full rebuilt/conversion.

So being me I like a conversion I bashed it together and by using the rule of cool I think it's now 100 times better.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Chaos Squats: The Revamp!

Happy times, so yesterday while hunting out a random figure (Confrontation Ratskin) from my stack of boxes/cases I stumbled across my stash of Chaos Squats/Squats/Space Dwarfs and I was shocked. 

Now I knew I had alot (Late 2013 I went on a Squat binge buy/trade) but looking though the bags I noticed I had bought bits that I couldn't remember buying (Squat Servitors, Exo-Trikes for example)..

I should really get these finished and on the newly put up display shelves methinks. Of course only painted figures go on my shelves/display cabinets so it's time for a revamp and sort everything I have (And would like to get for that matter)

20 Bikes inc Living Ancestor Bike+Sidecar, Warlord Plus 4 Heavy Weapon Trikes

Saturday 21 February 2015

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 9 - Dark Judges Complete

Well just a quick post today I'm afraid boys and girls while I wait to finish putting up a few more shelves for all my extra toys :D. Anyway I've finished up all 5 Citadel Dark Judges (Yes 5.. 2 versions of Death).

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Blood Bowl: Real Perverts Wear Pink Pt.6

The team is getting closer to getting finished with just 1 Beastmen, Coach & 2 Cheerleaders to finish Phew! That'll give me the following:

4 Chaos Warriors
1 Mino
8 Beastmen
1 Star Player
2 Cheerleaders

Monday 16 February 2015

Dark Future: Maniax Renegades

Too change up the 50 shades of pink I've been painting lately I've painted up a few quick renegade buggies in Maniax colours.

Nothing to exciting, just some rough weathering and some minor detailing. Quick and dirty but does the job.

Not sure they'll get much game use but it's nice to have them done and in the infamous ,Maniax gang colours to boot.

Sunday 15 February 2015

Blood Bowl: Real Perverts Wear Pink Pt.5

As you can see the team is growing with the core now painted leaving me with a few more Beastmen, Mino, Star Player & Coaching staff/extras to finish.

Thursday 12 February 2015

Blood Bowl: Real Perverts Wear Pink Pt.4

Painting has slowed down the last few days dew to it being bloody cold in the land of Chico and my Wednesday game night, but have no fear I have painted up a fine pair.. of should that be 1 with a fine pair hehe.

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Blood Bowl: Real Perverts Wear Pink Pt.3

Painting continues on the El Pinko's with 2 more Beastmen finished (Almost just need to finish a base) and 2 Beastmen converted up from Ral Partha figures. I've also half way though converting up my version of Max Spleenripper Star Player.

Full painted team so far

Friday 6 February 2015

Blood Bowl: Real Perverts Wear Pink Pt.1

Ummm so I was meant to have this Team started by now eh? But what with Dark Future, SAGA, Blood Bowl Humans the distractions have been big 'uns.

Well not anymore the team has been cleaned up and prepped/primed and I've even got a team name and 2 finished in a single night.. wooo!

Slanneshi Chaos Team all cleaned up and ready for priming. Including Coach, Stripper Cheerleaders, Bloodweiser Goblin and STD the teams Mascot.

Thursday 5 February 2015

SAGA: Battle Report - ''Alliance of Broken Promises''

Tonight at my local club I had the chance to play a 3-way SAGA game while rather entertaining and had it's enjoyable moments, it sure had it's problems like all multi-player games suffer from. I'd like to try a 4 player game to see if that balances everything out.

Rather then doing a play by play which would be rather confusing I'm just going to give a brief highlight and show off the photos which weren't blurry (Yes I know, blurry is my norm heh)

Welsh - Tree hugging hippies
Vikings - Warriors of the Gods
Anglo-Danish - Back Stabbing Bastards

Wednesday 4 February 2015

SAGA: 4pts Viking Warband complete

Arhhh that feels good, it's been awhile since I first started this Warband and to have them finished at last (6 weeks for just 21 figures ugh!) of course I still have 2pts left to paint for larger games (Not that my regular players play more then 4pts) but they can wait.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Dark Future: The Demon Download Cycle

Right-o my chums on the interwebs I've made this post dew to the fact that since starting up the Dark Future FB Group the question of the novels have popped up a few times.

Now there were a number of books and reprintings, so lets start of with the series Demon Download Cycle:

Demon Download by Jack Yeovil, published by Boxtree Books (1990); republished by Black Flame (2005)

Krokodil Tears by Jack Yeovil, published by Games Workshop (1990); published by Boxtree Books (1991); republished by Black Flame (2006)

Comeback Tour by Jack Yeovil, published by Boxtree Books (1991); republished by Black Flame (2007)

Route 666 by Jack Yeovil, published by Boxtree Books (1993); republished by Black Flame (2006)

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