Sunday 22 May 2016

Warmaster: Araby - Progress Pt.1

As regular readers know I'm currently working on my 2nd Warmaster force, for those which may have missed it (Shame on you) you can read the start of the project here: Warmaster: Araby - The Project Begins.

How have I progressed?


It's been a real pain in the bum!


Well due to the fact my first order was mostly the same few sculpts in large numbers it's been a strain keeping motivated, plus it doesn't help that the same sculpts aren't very detailed and rather soft.

Still I've gritted my teeth and grinded though (Also been breaking it up by painting Mordheim and K'47 toys) and made some progress.

That's around 6 days worth of painting time (3 or 4 hours a day) so rather slow going.

Still I'm hoping my next order will contain toys more interesting to paint. I've placed two separate orders, 1 with Pendraken for more Arab Spearmen to make a further 2 Units (6 more Stands) as that's a composery unit for the Araby list and the other order is with Magister Militum for 2 Units of Guard (6 Stands)  and some Flying Carpets (6 Flying Carpers).

Still I'm hoping these orders won't take as long as the first one to get sent to me (18 Days).

I still have a further 2 Units of Cav to paint from the first order and plenty of spare bits to use with further orders.

Still a long long way to go though before I have even a small playable force painted.

Anyway thanks for looking and comments always welcome.

Ta Ta for now!

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