Friday, 17 May 2013

4 A Miniatures

Well ain't you people lucky, another post for your enjoyment.

Now i'm a major fan of 4 A Miniatures but so much the Sea Goblins sculpted by Kev Adams  (Sorry Kev), but im please to hear none the less that Kev is sculpting a new range of Hobgoblins and the talented Mr John Pickford has sculpted 4 new Chaos Dwarfs and with plans to have 2 more done in June.

Also 2 pictures have been posted of the new 4 A toys

Over on Clam's blog you can also see the 4 new Chaos Dwarfs Master Molds, which are stunning and a new take on Chaos/Evil Dwarves.

Enjoy folks until next time



  1. The new John Pickford chaos dwarves are wondrous, especially the castle headed one.

    1. Yes such a random sculpt but works so well. Its a must have for all classic CD fans.

  2. These are gorgeous sculpts and I wish he had funding to put all of them out.

    1. Kickstarter may be the option there i feel


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