Wednesday, 8 July 2020

French Indian War - Colonial Rogers Rangers

Welcome my lovely's back to my dark corner of the interwebs for some for some more FIW.

Just a smallish update as I finished off a group of Colonial Rangers and Officer from Front Rank (Love their FIW and SYW ranges and many more too come).

You may have noticed that I have changed my basing style for this project as I just wasn't happy with my first try.

Now I'm much happier and seems to work, though having to go back and change all the Sabots and bases on everyone took a good evenings work.

Hope you agree it was worth it.

Rather cool note though is while I was delving for information about Provincial Rangers units that opperated with Rogers Colonial Rangers I came across a Unit called ''Danks Rangers'' who were a vile bunch of people known to scalp anything they could to claim a few coins and as the name suggests they were led by Benoni Danks.

My surname is Danks so I'm claiming a loose connection and must now have a unit of those in my army. Though I'm having a hard time tracking down what their uniform was (All I could find is one set of pictures from a reenactor group for an early war uniform).

Up next it's time for some French while I have think about what to do next for the British or source figures in the case of Danks Rangers.

Well that's your lot and thanks for looking B's and G's.


  1. Nicely done and a great find to have a family named unit. The loose order tray looks pretty cool as well. 😀

    1. Thanks, the trays are a little large and chunky but like myself I'll just make do hehe

  2. New basing is a good (Better - though I liked the old style too) choice.

    Those Rangers look really cool too. So finding your namesake unit means you'll end up with two units of Rangers then?

  3. Thanks mate, aye I'll have a unit of Provincial Rangers as well for Danks Rangers. Provincial Rangers aren't as good as Colonial ones though so won't feel like I'm cheesing it too much lol


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