Monday, 13 July 2020

Bolt Action Italian RSI Vs British Airborne Game Photo Dump

Howdy boys and girls, how are we all doing on this bloody hot and sweaty bumcrack morning?

So yesterday I had the chance to play an old favourite in the form of BA.

Looking though my forces I grabbed my Italian RSI force a few days before to check what I had and I noticed I still had some grey primed chaps I haven't painted Shock horror!

I though I had finished these chaps.. opps so on too the painting table went 7 various Paras including a MMG and some LMG's (Not that I need anymore but the Warlord sets give you 2 to a squad when the rules only allow 1) plus another truck from Paint and Glue Miniatures.

Nothing like a game to motivate you eh?

1000pts doesn't get you much in a Vet heavy force

So as is oftern the case with me I'm just going to dump the game photos here, nothing special but some people may enjoy a looky look.

Forward lads, I heard they have Pizza!

Who brought the rock climbing gear?

Spot the British Air Observer, you can't? that's because I shot him Ha!

Sneaky Brits truck hunting

Ermmm... poor driving honest!

Least I didn't crash the plane...

Flame Thrower doing the work against a Para Squad.

It's a load bearing bridge honest!

Home for dinner

That bloody pillbox.. sorry tank would not be shifted.
So there we are a win for the RSI and a fully completed project so a added bonus... plus we went down the pub after so ahem 3 wins for me hehe!

That's your lot for now so remember to keep calm and play with toys!


  1. As always mate, smashing looking table with nicely painted forces. I haven't played BA in over 6 months, that needs to be rectified.

    1. Other than this game I think the last time I played BA most have been last summer, which is a real shame as it's by far my favourite gaming system.

  2. Pretty cool. A chance to game is always the best motivation to paint.
    I kinda like the AAR style of pretty pics and funny comments. 😀

    1. More blurry pics and not so funny comments are my style lol

  3. Nicely done :) I always liked the camouflage used by the RSI. You can include in your army the Ansaldo 105/25 M.43 Bassotto with its 105mm cannon and maybe a P40 tank or even a P43 (but this last was never done, just a prototype). If you are looking for more RSI miniatures there are those done by Strategia Nova, you can find several options at this link:
    They have the "Savoia calleria" (Savoia Cavalry) and "Paracadutisti Italiani" (Italian Para, with some interesting vehicles too)
    It seem that it's not available an english language version of the website, then you should ask informations to their mail.

    1. Thanks I'll take a look at their stuff and have a hunt for tanks you mentioned.

  4. Lovely paintjobs on the infantry, that's a nicely done scheme!


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