Friday, 3 July 2015

Deathrace 40k - Evil Dorf Wagon

So it's left then a month until the 3rd annual BOYL and people are all go finishing up their toys... I'm of course all finished up... Well so I thought..


Yep I had forgot something.. I signed up to the Deathrace 40k event yet forgot to finish my wagon. So yesterday I dug it out and slapped some paint and various inks and washes on ot and called it done.

The base of the wagon is from Ramshackle Games while everything else is from my giant bits box.

It got given a MDF base to help it to getting damaged as it's resin..

So now I'm all done?

Well I just remembered I need to a couple of bits of scatter terrain for my Judge Dredd game I'm running and a few 15mm bits need to be washed but aye thats me done for the most part.

Thanks for looking dear OoaB readers!


  1. That was bloody quick! How dare you be so speedy! Is this a sign of it's performance on the track?

    1. If it's anything like the owner it'll keep breaking down and the driver is blind hehe

  2. Amazing what you can do with a well stocked bits box. Beautiful work. Good luck in the race!

    1. Thanks, heh after the race I have no real use for it though :(

  3. Great finished result that matches the stunties perfectly.


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