Saturday, 25 July 2015

Vallejo Special Effects Set Review

So it's time for another Chico's Paint Review, you can view the others linked below:

This time we are going to focus on the Vallejo Special Effects set.

This set of colours are a specially formulated to produce the specific qualities of blood, scabs, vomit, rust and verdigris.


Rotten White
Fresh Blood
Dried Blood
Dry Rust
Chipping Medium

Painted By Angel Giraldez
I have to say I'm rather impressed with the set so far with both Dry Rust & Dry Blood getting the most use from me.

While special effects paints or technical paints if you prefer aren't new they really do add a interesting tool to your box of tricks and what's better is that you can pick up the full set for less then £16 which lets face it OoaB readers I can't say no to a bargain.. or being a cheap bastard at times hehe

I think one of the best quotes I've seen about this set is:

''Oh great, I've been looking for realistic Vomit paint for years'' 

Ummm.. okies.. let hope he's a Nurgle player or that's got strange real fast.

Anyway boys and girls, I recommend this set it's easy to use and rather low cost. So It gets a Chico Rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Good review Chico. I'm a big fan of "Vallejo" paints and will certainly look for this set next time I order more paints. Many thanks :-)

    1. Thanks it's a cracking set and well worth the low cost :)

  2. Do these work just like regular paint or do they have different consistency or special properties ala newer GW blood or slime effect stuff?

    1. They all have different consistences ranging from Ink/Wash to slight thinned down paint. They are just like the GW versions and work more or less the same way but for cheaper and a few different options.

  3. Quite disappointed in this "review", which is sadly next to useless and seems to be little more than a promo. Listing the paint names and telling us that you recommend them really gives no actual information on the actual paints. I'm looking around to see if and how they compare to the GW Technical paints, and you give no information in the review body, and a vague minimum in the comments.

    1. You're disappointed with something on the internet? Wow that never happens hehehe Nice of you to comment though and take time out of your day to write a complaint, I'll forward it too all relevant bodies that maybe interested on your behalf :D

      Have a good day now

  4. You don't even explain how the paints work. That's five minutes of my life I'll never get back.

    1. Plus another 2 to write that comment, busy man? hehehe. But as this is my personal Blog it isn't written for you anyway so ta ta David Touchyson :)


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