Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Necromunda: Battle Report ''Shoot Out'' - Redemptionists Vs Pit Slaves

Inquisitor Scythe had sent his Brethren out to forage for supplies at the Settlement of Waste Drop, little did he know the Techno Outlaws had sent they boys looking too.

It's going to get bloody..

As it's far too hot today to paint and my Wife is off work will set up for a quick game. Rolling for the Scenario we ended up with ''Shoot Out''

Ohhhh it's a random gang selection too, rolling some more the Redemptionists controlled by my Wife got 4 (Deacon , 2 Brethren & 1 Novice) and I ended up with 3 (2 Technos & a Pit Slave)

This is part 3 of the Necromunda Battle Reps between me and my Wife you can see the others here:

With the Shoot Out Scenario you set up in a line facing each other then moved slowly forward until someone loses their nerve and draws weapons first. Depending what weapons you have you get modifiers.

My Pit Slave cracks first and draws his Plasma Pistol and all hell breaks lose, the Pit Slave gets a Bolt Shell in his belly while a Brother gets pinned by a flamer.

The Deacon with Flamer fires at one of the Techno's who thanks to his Dodge Skill dives out of the way (Rolled a 6).

The Novice takes out the fallen Pit Slave while the Brethern charge the Technos, bloody Close Combat takes hold.

The Techno's win the combat while the Redemptionist fail their Bottle Roll and flee..

Pit Slaves win!

A nice quick 20min game to help forget about this damn 30° heat, thats 86 fahrenheit to yoy international readers.

Than ks for looking!


  1. I WISH it was 86 degrees.... Here in Northern California we're suffering 108! That's around 43 degrees for you lot back home. ;)

    Super fast game. Did you have time for a 2nd one?

    1. No2 hot for a 2nd... it got even hotter up to 33 degrees and then I died. I'm a big guy.. I'm not used too heat.

  2. Great looking scenery, cracking looking models and a wonderful looking game. You don't get better than this :-)

  3. The games table looks awesome, hours of work well spent

  4. Great stuff. Looks fantastic.

    It hit 32 degrees at my was too hot even to think!

  5. Great stuff. Looks fantastic.

    It hit 32 degrees at my was too hot even to think!


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