Saturday, 21 March 2015

Necromunda: Pit Slaves Pt.4

The Pit Slaves have not been forgotten  and work continues on the ever growing gang, i just can't stop adding figures from the lead pile. While it's nice to get the leadpile smaller I should be finishing other projects first heh.

Full gang so far, 3 left to finish.
Pit Slave and 2 Hired Badskins

The Pit Slave is a converted Reaper Super Villain with a head swap and weapon added, the first Badskin (Hired Ratskin) is a Confrontation Ratskin which I picked up for £1 because he was broken, I replaced his broken arm with a Mechatendril from a Inquisitor 54mm Tech Priest. Last is Demonblade Vengequan Chief which makes a rather cool looking Badskin, well at least to me anyway.

I also had a chance to finish up some scatter terrain, I think basing them makes them look 100 times better in my eyes, what do you think?


  1. The Confrontation Badskin is badass! I love the new claw. Really impressive gang - they look great both individually and as a group.

  2. Oh there's a serious Cursed Earth mutie gang theme running through these minis Chico. A Judge vs Gang game must surely be on the cards ;-) As an aside my Chico-designed minis have arrived, packed full of evil dorfiness. I'm not sure just when I'll get them on the painting table, but just as soon as I can I be posting about these splendid little critters. When are you designing some more? :-)

    1. Glad you like teh Dorfs all the hard work and design does to Mr Fimm of Oakbound minis though as it's his talent that made them come alive. As for more if it was upto myself I'd like work to start on them as soon as possible, but first is getting these ones out in the public and to sell the current castings, might be a chance the next lot will be kickstarter based to pay for the moulds.

  3. Sweet group of rebels!



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