Saturday, 4 September 2021

Kings of War Vanguard: Da Royal Court Orcs Vs Dorfs.


Welcome back boys and ghouls to my wee corner of the interwebs.

Alas hobbywise not much has been happening as I was laid out from Flu for quite awhile and my hobby mojo has yet to return.

With the goal in mind to keep this Blog updated again I'd thought it best to post something so a 3/4 weeks ago I managed to get a game of Vanguard in with my Orcs.

I will say while I prefer Mordheim, Vanguard does a good job.

Anyway enjoy the BR Photodump.

There we go, not the most exciting post ever but gives ya something to look at while having your morning ablutions.

Maybe I'll get something hobby related done this month for Armada..

Or maybe Bolt Action..

Anyhoo thanks for coming by, feel free to leave a comment or 2 if ya fancy.


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