Saturday, 4 December 2021

ME:SBG - Dunlendings Legendry Legion 500pts Army


Dunlendings, also known as the Wildmen of Dunland, were the people of the plains of Dunland. They were known as a fierce culture of Men, and sought vengeance on the people of Rohan who had driven them into the mountains. During the War of the Ring, the wizard Saruman used their anger to manipulate and convince them to pillage the land of Rohan.

So for a change of pace I got in a game of ME which was bloody nice so allowed me to get together an army shot of the force I used on the night.

This isn't everything I own but includes some of my favourites.

A fair few conversions, 3D prints and 3rd party figures to break up the repeated poses of the GW figures.

So as always these days just a quick posting so show I'm alive which will no doubt piss someone off.. 

Anyway TTFN
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