Friday, 30 September 2016

Tale of 4 Oldhammers - The City of the Lead Pt.2

So welcome back to the To4OG series

We still have the following:

James author of Realm of Chaos 80's (The Tart)
Steve author of Eldritch Epistles (The Papa)
Paul author of The Black Castle (The Underboss)
and Myself. (The sexy brooding one)

So this is part 2 you can find Pt.1 here

This is Bill, he likes playing fetch and eating your face

Short and sweet posting, but at least it's on time hehe


  1. Do love me some Gnolls, yes I do. Flinds too, but that's another story.

    Have been eyeing that Gnoll boxed set for a while - I like what you've done with them so far.

  2. I keep meaning to get some of these too, one day! Nicely painted Chico, you're just making me want them even more :-)


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