Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Necromunda: Bull Gorg!


A renowned Pit Fighter in Necromunda's Underhive, who had had both of his arms removed and replaced with Chainswords, Bull Gorg would lead the largest slave revolt the Hive had ever seen.

Bull Gorg flanked by a Badskin and a Pit Slave Techno

He captured the settlement of Dead End Pass with an army of freed slaves, and immediately outlawed slavery in the settlement. He imposed this law on all slave trains that came through, freeing all of their prisoners as well as forcing any who passed that way to pay a toll.

However, the powerful Guilds that ran these slave trains would not allow such losses to continue unchecked for long. An army of bounty hunters and outlaws in the pay of the Guilders descended on Dead End Pass. The slaves were ultimately betrayed by a traitor from within the settlement itself, who opened the gates, and allowed the Guilders' mercenaries inside. The streets ran red with blood as the Guilds' army of criminals and guns for hire sacked the settlement, slaughtering all without compunction.

Bull Gorg was captured alive, then executed as an ordinary criminal. Afterwards, his head was placed on a stake, and paraded about the Underhive by the Guilders to remind all the price of crossing them, and who truly had the power.

There are rumours circulating into the present day that the Guilds faked Gorg's execution. People whisper that he escaped Dead End Pass before the gates were open and stalks the depths of the Hive, waiting for the day when he will return to that ill-fated settlement with another slave army to challenge the Guilders once more.
Naturally these rumours are spoken quietly. Many who have spoken too loudly of Gorg's return have simply disappeared or suffered mysterious fatal accidents.

Since getting Outlanders box set on the day of release I've always wanted a figure for Bull Gorg and since starting up a Pit Slave gang I've wanted one even more.

Other then the base everything is out of my bits box, so total cost? Say £1 for the  resin base and that's it. The figure started life as a Reaper Bones Ogre Chieftain, both arms/weapons were removed and replaced with old Ork Chainswords. I sculpted  odd non-matching boots and a boxed Bionic eye and added a few other odds and sods.. Quite happy with hi, he looks rather brutal.


  1. I like him Chico, its a good use of the Reaper fig. You are right, you have to have a Bull Gorg if you have a Pit Slave gang.

    The now out of business Black Cat Bases used to make a figure that I assumed was intended to represent Bull Gorg. It was a little crude in terms of sculpting, but I picked one up to put with my Pit Slaves anyway. I never thought that I would regard that miniature as small, but you have changed my mind with this guy :)

    1. Aye I looked at the Black Cat Bases ''Gripper'' shame that the companies gone tits up (Reading the problems on LAF) or I would have picked one up as for £3 it was cheap if not crude.

    2. BCB had a really interesting range of figures for low cost, but something happened and that was that. The still owe me a £12 order, but thats peanuts compared to what they owed some others.

      Regardless, the ranges of interesting figures that they had really appealed to me. All sorts of wired things like furniture and odd animals and the like. Ho hum.

      Will we get a group shot of the Pit Slaves soon?

    3. Group shot is on this post mate: When I get the last 3 done (2 Slaves and a Cyber doggy) I'll get the final shot done.

  2. Wonderful miniature and terrific paintjob Chico. An absolutely cracking model.

  3. Hi!

    Utterly fantastic work on the mighty Bull Gorg! Its a really simple but effective conversion and I too would love to see a groupshot of your Pitslave gangers!

    All the best!

    1. Cheers mate, group shot minus Mr Gorg is here mate

  4. Awesome work Dude, love it, a unique figure for the pit slaviest of pit slaves - loving your work Mr. Danks!


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