Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Christmas in September?!?




Yeah it seems it comes around earlier every year, the shops start getting in the crap and the websites start springing up to annoy us with endless cheer (Read: More tat).

But sometimes..

Just sometimes..

You spot something that makes ya smile.
Now what I'm blathering on about I hear you mutter (Under your breath or too your cat).

Well I'm building up Chicoheim and I'm always on the look out for budget saving ideas.

This time early Christmas you may have just been useful.

A Lemax - Large Pebble Road (Can be bought HERE)

It's meant as a Xmas scene thingy.. but should be good for Wargaming eh?

While it comes in 30 x 3.5 inches, it isn't the most practical of sizes and not really gaming mat usable but if you have a gaming table that you are unsure of how to texture the maybe a few of these rolls could do the trick. 

Which being under 3 quid a roll is manageable if you fancied giving it a pop. Around 8 Rolls would cover a 4x4 table, so around £20 give or take.

Something to ponder on eh?

Thanks for looking and putting up with my ramblings :)


  1. Cheers for that Chico, very useful and looks great.

  2. I'm thinking about terrain for Frostgrave... Can't decide on whether to make roads using the Xmas stuff you've found or use larger versions to cover a whole board, with terrain placed on top. The gaps between terrain would reveal cobbles that would then serve as roads. This latter option is more flexible. Hmm...

    1. Do whichever would look better in your mind, eye candy should win out :)

  3. I've been considering ways to create sections of raised, paved roads. While this isn't *exactly* what I had in mind, it's close enough, especially given how much time it will save over my other plans. I'll be looking for this here in the states.

    1. If anything it's easier to get in the states, hope you get some and like it :)

    2. Yes! I think I found a source already, and will check it out later today. It seems they also have a Halloween Villiage, so I may discover even more useful terrain bits.

  4. I did find some, and it was even discounted 30%. I bought the large sheet, as it seemed like a far better deal. I also found some cork tiles I'm going to experiment with. Wrote up a little entry:


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