Sunday, 23 April 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.5

'ello readers we are now are Part 5 of the ongoing BoB WW2 Chinese Nationalist force.

You can view the first 4 posts below:

So despite the musing over the Blog's name and direction I've been busy painting (Nothing changes there).

So what's new?

I've mostly been painting the Levy (Free Squad in Bolt Action for all flavours of Chinese), but also knocked out 2 Cav and 2 Big Sword's and a Bodyguard.

As always all the miniatures are from Copplestone's Back of Beyond range and are as always rather nice to paint.

With the Levy I've tried to use only 4 colours: Blue/Grey, Red, Khaki & Black to both tie them in and make them look rag-tag.

The Cav were a pain in the bum to paint as I just hate painting large flat areas like horseflesh. But nonetheless I pushed though and I quite like end outcome.

Now Big Sword or Dare to Die members are interesting, fanatical Warriors used as suicide troops and add a rather hard hitting unit to a otherwise avgerage force.

Anyway, thanks for looking and Ta Ta for now!
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