Saturday, 11 November 2017

Oldhammer meets Kings of War - Twilight Kin Pt.3

Welcome deviants of the Lead Realm to your favourite Den of Vice and Dice.

It's been a few weeks since my last Blog post and that's just due to the weather getting and I use the scientific term here ''Fecking Cold'' and my hands not wanting to do what they'll told.

But I have managed to get a couple of games of 40k in with my Traitor Guard and painted a few more bits for my Twilight Kin.

I don't know about you feckers but I enjoy a Army shot when people are doing WIP Blogs just to show you how things are coming along so today's post is just that.

As you can see (Dispite the blurry pictures) that I've now finished off a Troop of Crossbowmen and a Bolt Thrower plus my Sorceress or High Priestess of the Abyss if you prefer since the last update.

This now brings the force up too the following:

Sorceress/High Priestess 
Hero/Dark Lord
2 Troops of Crossbowmen
Warriors/Buccaneers Regiment
Witch Elves/Blade Dancer Regiment
Bolt Thrower

So whats next? Well hunting these out is hard going... for a price I can afford anyway but I have plenty more bits in the lead pile so next will be a Troop of MM73/5 range Scouts as they are such nice classics and also will make a start on a Regiment of RR2 Mengil Manhide's Manflayers but I'm still missing Ean the Hawklord for that unit and it's annoying me.. Grr.

Well that's ya lot for today, enjoy and always comments welcome.

Ta Ta!


  1. They are coming along very nicely Chico, have come to a halt with Mrs Daxio's 1000 point force. Look forward to seeing how Mengil and the scouts turn out :-)

    1. Shame mate, still a break from painting them may help you find you mojo again. I think these are at around 600-800 points so I have along way to go myself before they see a battle.

  2. Nice work indeed. Wondering when mantis will redo the twilight kin list - might be enough inspiration for me to get off my arse and paint my dark elf horde...

    1. Thanks, hehe Twilight Kin are like GW's Sisters of Battle.. People have been wanting them for ages and rumours pop up but they don't appear.

  3. So cool to see these auld sculpts again. Always wanted a unit of those Maurauder Witches back in the day.

    1. It's strange back in the day I never had any as I had the 4th edition range instead. I still quite like them and may have to have some.

  4. Lovely work matey, you've really got a good theme going with the paint jobs.

    I've always loved those marauder witch elves and back in the day I bought a unit of 20 but somehow Erny ended up with them - D'OH!!!!

    I desperately need to get my Dark Elves done but a combo of missing mojo and new job wiping me out has the paint queue on hold.

  5. Damn you Erny!! Maybe I should message him and see if he'll send them to me ;)


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