Thursday, 4 June 2015

WEG Star Wars - Battle Report ''Bounty Hunting'' Pt.2 The Pew Pewing!

Bounty Hunting

So boys and girls (At the very least boys with moobs) it's time for a Battle Report from you favourite Chico.. 

No! Not him Me!


Anyway Pt.1 detailing the forces used can be read HERE

Darth Vader: There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary but I want them alive - no disintegrations! 

Boba Fett: As you wish. 

This is a non-cannon game based on a possible alternative story arc. Boba has tracked Solo down to a backwater planet of  ZAN IV. 

ZAN IV has a small Rebel base used as a training grounds for new and rather green Rebels and as such is rather limited in it resources and Blasters. Boba is also only leading a scouting force of Stormtroopers and as such are also lightly equipped

Roy Fett leading The Empire

''How far can I move and still Pew Pew you?''
''We love the Empire,, honest.. don't shoot us!''
''Great.. spoiling are picnic on the hill... bloody Dark side and all that blerg!''

The Stormtroopers advance while the Rebel forces take control of the over looking hill and ruined barracks. Being armed with Blaster Pistols while in range it was too hard for many hits

That was until Rebel Squad No.2 opened fire on their counterparts and with a flurry of 6's and Stormtroopers ''Bombing Out'' (Rolling a 1 is a auto fail and called Bombing Out) 3 Stormtroopers died from a combination of outright kills and  multi random wounding (Hits are random from targets you can see so theres a chance multi hits will hit the same people).

''Feck they wounded Gary... Garyyy!!!''

Rebel Squad No.1 also opened fire and the Stormtroopers facing them returned fire back (All shooting is done at the same time, both sides firing at once and the end off the phase you then remove the dead and place the wounded prone).

1 Rebel dead and another wounded Vs 2 dead Stormies and another wounded.

Not a bad outcome.. what can I say my BOYL14 Dice are lucky.. or loaded ;)

''Charge!.. Balls they still shooting at us!.. Not paid enough for this!''

Stormtrooper Squad No.1 opened fire on the Rebels in front of them...and for once the Troopers couldn't miss so taking the Rebels down to just 3. Boba then nails another with his Blaster

The shot of the game, Han nails a shot and wounds Boba... The best Bounty Hunter my arse!

''6 of us..2 of them we should win.. right lads?.. right!?''

The game ends in a stalemate and Han survives but so too does Boba. No doubt Boba will track him down again.. after all there is only so many places he can hide from the Galaxy's best Hunter!

So overall it was great fun, took alittle while to learn the rules and we no doubt made a few mistakes but we both are up for playing again, in 3 weeks time in fact and slighty larger forces

Shit... I better get painting!

Thanks for looking!


  1. looks like fun was had... and no rubber gloves in sight!

    1. Well the gaming hall is in a Church.... so we had to wait for the Priest to turn up before that kinky stuff went ahead ;)

  2. Wonderful stuff Chico. great to see a project go from unpainted lead to a BatRep... especially when they;re so well-painted as your stuff always is :-)

  3. Han Solo dueling with Boba Fett, man to man? "Not Cannon?" It's Cannon now, baby!

    Looks like you had a great time. I'd been tempted to pick up one of these sets:

    Didn't know quite what I'd do with it . . . until now!

    1. I'd recommend you pick up a PDF and give it a quick look, great fun game.

  4. This report make me...want to paint my own Star Wars figures! Chico, you are a very good inspiration and a PRO painter! Thanks for a very nice Battle report from Zan IV.

    1. Thanks mate, but I'm far from a good painter. Look forward to seeing yours painted though :)


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