Thursday, 25 June 2015

WEG Star Wars - Battle Report ''Storming the Rebel Base''

Storm the Rebel Base

The skies darken over ZAN IV as the Imperial Dropships break the atmosphere above. 

First to set foot with the Vanguard was General Veers and the 2 notorious Bounty Hunters Boba Fett & Big Bertha. 

Today will see much bloodshed...

So last night we played the 2nd battle in the ongoing Star Wars campaign set on ZAN IV.

The first Battle ''Bounty Hunting'' (Broken into 2 parts) can be viewed HERE and HERE.

The Empire has found Han Solo hiding out on a Rebel Training Base on ZAN IV and after a failed Bounty Hunting mission by Boba Fetthas descided to bring in the full force of the Empire to both wipe out the Base and bring Commander Solo in, dead or alive it matters not.

The Forces:

(Note we don't play points games, but rather took what was fitting)

The Empire:

General Veers - Blaster Pistol
Boba Fett - Blaster Pistol(s)
Big Bertha - Blaster Carbine + Blast Effect
15 Stormtroopers - 3 Blaster Carbines, 12 Blaster Pistols

The Rebels:

Han Solo - Blaster Pistol
3 Mon Calamari Commandos - Blaster Pistols
15 Rebels - 2 Blaster Carbines, 13 Blaster Pistols

Whats the number for Pizza the Hutt again?

Long range shooting starts to take it's toll with both Stormtroopers and Rebels falling to lucky Blaster shots. Big Bertha takes up a shooting position for her boosted Blaster Carbine (That thing hurts when she hits).

The Stormtroopers march closer as the Mon Calamari make their counter attack taking out General Veers while a lucky shot from a Rebel does a wounding hit on Bertha.

The Rebels are taking more and more damage and the Stormtroopers seem unstoppable, looking like the Base will be over run.

Close Combat breaks out all over the place and the Rebels flees from the might of the Empire as more Reinforcements land.

Victory to the Empire!

Thanks for reading boys and girls, stay tuned for the next Battle Report.. 

Did Solo escape? Is Veers Dead? Anyone like deep fired Calamari?


  1. I just want to know if the Pizza arrived in time ? ;0)

  2. Great stuff Chico. Love both your collection (very well painted I must add) as well as the fact that you;re actually getting them on the tabletop and gaming with them :-)

  3. 1-800-veridia

    O wait, wrong part of the film....

    Veers plagiarized the famous Imperial Army Yogo "Downward AT-AT" manuever, he deserved to be spanked in this game.

    1. Veers has now turned Veggie... Getting inked on by Calamari has that affect on you so I'm told.

  4. Fantastic. It has been too long since I played WEG SWMB.

  5. Looks like a good time, and an empire victory! Who says they don't need scum!

  6. Which model did you use for 'big Bertha' I zoomed in but still couldn't recognise it.

    1. Theres a picture of her in a older post but shes a Ground Zero Games Warrior Women


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