Sunday, 29 November 2015

Ral Partha Zombie Dragon

Painting time is once again happening, but nowhere near the time I had before.

Yesterday night I had a spare 2 hours and a pre-based and sprayed Zombie Dragon waiting for some love to join my Kings of War Varangur force.

I didn't want to go for the classic rotten look as I wanted it to retain it's colour from life, in this case a red fire Dragon.

It was also a chance to get the Clear Red (Ohhh I love the smell) out and do some blood effects that I havn't used since the Pit Slave Gang for Necromunda.

I also put together the Ghost Dragon, boy is he a bugger to fit but was well worth the effort.

He'll also give me the chance to try a Ghost/Ethereal style paint job which I haven't done before :)

Well thanks for looking chaps and chapettes.


  1. I think it looks great in red especially with the addition of the tamiya clear red. Sniff it up!

  2. Smashing, he has a really blood drenched feel about him, love the colour.

    1. I can't have anything Zombie without covering it in Clear Red, just doesn't seem right hehe

  3. I add a little brown ink to my clear red to make the blood a little more real imo.

    Love how this dragon looks pretty freshly animated. Does make one wonder though - who exactly was tough enough to take him down in the first place! ?

    1. The Clear Red is mixed with Purple and Black Ink to form crusty looking bits and well as some more fresh? blood. It's n ot quite as bright as the picture looks :)

      He died after eatting 1 too many Goblin Big Macs :)

  4. Cracking work Chico, the blood gore effect is great!


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